Manufacturer of flow meters since 1992

Our Products

Our Products

We manufacture flow meters by means of throttling devices in compliance with EN ISO 5167-1 up to 5, separation, mud discharge and condensation vessels, flow conditioners and straighteners, restriction orifice plates, multiple restriction orifice plates, special orifice plates and plate discs, weldolets, fittings, chambers for level gauges, steam coolers and other components for mechanical parts of measuring circuits. We have developed manufacturing of flow meters such as eccentric orifice plates, critical nozzles, multiple nozzles and integral meter tubes (runs) with orifice plates for flow measurement of small pipe diameters. We focus on the development and wider use of segmental and multi-hole orifice plates in all industries. We have developed our own technological procedures for the design, calculation and manufacturing of special orifices and special measuring nozzles for industrial applications and testing. Due to regular updates and extending of the EN ISO 5167 standard, we have also incorporated designing and manufacturing of conical inlet flow meters, including all modifications regarding classical throttling devices (such as orifice plates, nozzles, Venturi tubes) in our manufacturing program. Over the years, we have expanded our production program with other products, such as ASME PTC-6 nozzles and Dall tubes. ASME PTC-6 nozzles are determined for verifying performance parameters of steam turbines - their design is described by the standard in detail. Dall tubes are used at those measuring points, in which it is needed to combine operational advantages of the nozzle and the Venturi tube. Ejectors are proposed and manufactured for mixing all kinds of gases, fluids and steams. They are used in chemical and petrochemical plants, eventually in classical and nuclear industries.
Our Products
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