MATTECH® DELTA Software® computer program is determined for easy and quick designing and calculation of primary elements (devices) for the measurement of gas, water steam, water and fluid flows. The software provides our technicians and other users with high flexibility and possibilities that are not usual in other calculation applications. In 2020 the program was verified by the Czech Metrology Institute.

MATTECH® DELTA Software® computer program enables to solve three types of tasks:

  • calculation of diameter of primary device
  • calculation of pressure differential
  • calculation of gas, steam and fluid flowrates

Methodology of calculations and mathematical models describing behaviour of flowing liquids are based on these standards as amended:

  • ČSN EN ISO 5167:2003 (centric orifice plate, ISA 1932 nozzle, long radius nozzle, Venturi nozzle, classical Venturi tube with cast, machined or welded converging section)
  • ČSN 257711:1994 (segmental orifice plate)
  • ČSN 257712:1995 (quarter-circle orifice plate, conical inlet orifice plate)
  • ASME MFC-3Ma:2007 (centric orifice plate, ASME nozzles for large and small d/D, classical Venturi tube with cast, machined or welded converging section)
  • ISO/TR15377:2007 (orifice plate with drainage hole, ISA 1932 nozzle with drainage hole, orifice plate in pipelines of 25-50 mm, conical inlet orifice plate, quarter-circle orifice plate, eccentric orifice plate)
  • GOST 8.586:2005 (centric orifice plate, ISA 1932 nozzle, Venturi nozzle, classical Venturi tube machined, cast or welded)
  • non-standardized primary elements (multi-hole orifice plate, multi-hole orifice plate with drainage hole, square orifice plate, rectangular orifice plate)
  • ČSN EN ISO 5167-5 (cone meters)
  • ASME MFC-14M (intergral meter runs)

Gas and fluid flows can be entered in volume or mass units. Pressures can be entered as overpressures or absolute pressures. Coefficient of thermal expansion is given by the choice of material group, or can be entered directly. Individual input data can be entered in various physical units. Gas properties (characteristics) can be selected from the database, that can be supplemented by the user.

All computational data are checked – if these are within the limits of relevant standard.

MATTECH® DELTA Software® also calculates uncertainty of the mass flow, not only for calculation mode. There is also a calculation for calibrating values for differential pressure dependencies on the flow or the flow on the differential pressure. There are also calculations for cascade connections of two differential pressure meters.

Calculation reports can be issued in Czech, English and Russian.