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MATTECH® DELTA Software® computer program is to be used for easy, quick design and calculation of primary elements for gas, water vapour, water and fluid flow measurements in compliance with the following standards:

ČSN EN ISO 5167:2003 (centric orifice plate, ISA 1932 nozzle, long-radius nozzle, the Venturi nozzle, classical Venturi tubes with cast, machined or welded convergent sections)

ČSN 257711:1994 (segmental orifice plate)

ČSN 257712:1995 (quarter-circle orifice plate, orifice plate with conical inlet)

ASME MFC-3Ma:2007 (centric orifice plate, ASME nozzles with small and large d/D, classical Venturi tube with cast, machined or welded convergent sections)

ISO/TR15377:2007 (drainage hole orifice plate, ISA 1932 nozzle with drainage hole, orifice plate in conduits of 25–50 mm, conical inlet orifice plate, quarter-circle orifice plate, eccentric orifice plate)

GOST 8.586:2005 (centric orifice plate, ISA 1932 nozzle, Venturi nozzle, classical Venturi tube – machined, cast or welded)

The program enables to deal with these three types of tasks:

  • calculation of diameter of the primary element
  • calculation of pressure differential
  • calculation of gas, steam and fluid flowrate

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