Except for its own production MATTECH, s.r.o. provides a wide range of metrological services and activities in the long term. These are mainly the following ones:

Verifying meters in AMS K 65 of MATTECH, s.r.o. for the Czech Republic

Corporate Metrological Centre K 65 is authorized for verification the following specified meters:

Heat and cold meters and their elements, part:

  • Flow meters of carrier medium mass (throttling devices – orifice plates, nozzles, and the Venturi tubes as elements of heat and cold meters).

Heat and cold meters and their elements, part: (Throttling devices – orifice plates, nozzles and the Venturi tubes as elements of meters and measuring units of fluid flow mass)

  • sensors of cold water flow mass,
  • sensors of warm water flow mass,
  • sensors of gas flow mass

Initial verification of meters in AMS K 65 of MATTECH, s.r.o. for the Slovak Republic

MATTECH, s.r.o. is authorized to supply initially verified metrological legally controlled meters to the Slovak Republic. Approved types of these initially verified meters are:

(throttling devices – orifice plates, nozzles, Venturi tubes, segmental orifice plates, multi-hole orifice plates and meter tubes integrated as members of meters and meter assemblies for fluids flown through)

Calibration of flow meters with throttling devices

In the measuring laboratory of MATTECH, s.r.o. we calibrate throttling devices by indirect geometric control in compliance with valid CSN EN ISO 5167-1 up to 5 standard, namely meters supplied throughout the world.

Metrological service

Having assessed technical and personal competence, the Czech Metrology Institute issued the Certificate of Registration for assembly and services of specified measuring devices to MATTECH, s.r.o. for:

Heat meters, gas flow mass and their elements:

  • compact heat meters,
  • flow mass meters,
  • RTD and thermistor temperature sensors,
  • pressure sensors and pressure differential sensors,
  • electronic calorimetric calculators,
  • gas volume correctors

Within metrological service we also arrange according to TPM 3723-03:

  • issuing list of completion with designation of used heat meter elements and their ranges in case of combined meters,
  • functionality test of compact meters,
  • metrological test of the whole system in case of combined meters,
  • providing security of the meters through attaching user seals